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   Vistech Corporation

858 N. Glenville Drive,         
Richardson, Texas         
75081 USA     
Tel:   972-231-1746           
Fax:   972-231-1747                  
Email: vistech@vistech-usa.com  
Web: http://www.vistech-usa.com








Vistech's Newest Products - 

    New Generation of Vision Processor

    QFN-2D Inspection

    3D In Track Inspection





The latest generation of Vistech's Vision Processors, based on in-house designed frame grabber boards provide unsurpassed flexibility for high-speed, multi-station systems. For example, one 4-station system recently completed inspects in excess of 25,000 pph per station, with the stations running simultaneously in parallel. For information on how Vistech vison processors can help your productivity, contact Vistech.



The QFN 2-D inspection module provides 2D pad inspection for leadless quad devices. The software will inspect pad widths, length, pitch and area, and body offset. The software is now available and can be packaged with other inspection modules.



The 3D In-Track system provides marking and true-coplanarity lead inspection for track fed dual row SOICs from a single overhead camera. The system is available for all body widths and designed for extremely small space utilization. Now available.






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