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   Vistech Corporation

858 N. Glenville Drive,         
Richardson, Texas         
75081 USA     
Tel:   972-231-1746           
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Web: http://www.vistech-usa.com








Vistech's Newest Product - Tape Reeler




Vistech's newest product is the Tape Reeler, a system for final QC inspection of devices packaged in embossed tape. The integrated reel indexer and vision system will inspect through the cover tape for part presence, part count, orientation, and correct marking as well as lead inspection for gull-wing devices.



The system inspects up to 30,000 parts per hour, depending on the device type.


Inspection can be fully automatic or operator-reviewed, with marking applicator soon available.


Six buttons configure the system, load tape, and run inspections. Device switchover takes less than 5 minutes.




Measuring about 30 inches wide by 33 inches tall by 26 inches deep, the Tape Reeler fits on a tabletop.





The Tape Reeler is now available. For more information or a demonstration video (in the MPEG format), please contact Vistech.





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